What's My Age Again? / Better Together

No, sadly I have not chosen the Blink 182 classic to cover this week. I am simply starting to feel older. I am 39 years old and wondering if my days of being able to eat what I want and do no exercise and still feel ok in myself are well and truly over. Not to mention the 5am starts with Eddie killing my sleep routine. And this is seriously impacting my desire to get in the studio and do anything productive. 

Monday morning was a low point, I had no energy after another early start despite an early night on Sunday. Oliver was at nursery and Izzie mercifully and wonderfully took Eddie out for most of the day. 

I took time to reflect. First up, I have a wonderful wife! And whilst actively trying to do something about the amount of sleep I’m getting, it wasn’t enough. I need to gain energy and also weight as I’m much slimmer than I used to me, and not in a good way.   

That eventually led me to decide to try Joe Wick’s 30 day kickstart book, a plan based on HIIT exercise and lower impact stuff like walking (which I can do) plus the right balance of carbs and protein which I know nothing about. We generally eat well, no processed stuff. But I eat too many carbs and not enough protein I think. So March will be my month of trying this out. I will update you next week… 

I did achieve some things this week, I had some great online lessons with my students, continued a Cubase course I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, and got a little bit of guitar practice in! This week I’ve been revisiting an instrumental version of Jack Johnson’s Better Together, always a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. I recorded a version, see link below… Enjoy, and catch you next week! 

Click here to listen to Better Together