Escape to the country / anywhere please!

First up… I am no Joe Wicks, but I’m giving it a go. A monumental food shop list and big effort on the cooking side of things has brought up some highlights, including Sausage Shakshuka and Elvis Pancakes (I kid you not). Exercise has been mainly long walks and short pre-shower home workouts. More to do next week on the crazy looking HIIT workouts! 

Music… So this week I have been feeling an itch for song writing again! I had a long walk on Monday and listened to the Sodajerker on Songwriting podcast, the episode featuring Jeff Tweedy of excellent song writing and Wilco fame. I read his How to Write One Song book before Christmas and am re-reading it, so this was an essential listen for me. Massively inspiring and I highly recommend both the pod and the book! I really want to reconnect with that feeling of losing yourself when fully committed to the writing process. A sort of escapism in this lockdown hell. 

However, come 8pm when the kids are in bed, I also want to be in bed too! So I am trying to find the right time to form a song writing routine where I’m not totally zonked. Ideally mornings when the big one is in nursery… But when will I fit in my new Joe Wicks exercise routine I hear you say?! Good question, so much has to happen but I am determined to fit in a James Clear style micro habit of sitting down with an excellent coffee, some background music, no distractions and my notebook. I will keep you posted on how this pans out and if I am indeed kidding myself! 

I have however, been sitting on three or four new songs that need demo-ing and then further work on. One in particular I am fond of is ‘The Surf and the Sand’. It refers to a time when my wife and I had all the time in the world (pre-kids… obvs), and also a feeling of loneliness which has crept in during lockdown. I feel quite emotional just thinking about it. Anyway, my song for this week is not a cover but a first attempt at recording this new song. The first one I’ve done for quite some time. I hope you enjoy, and have a great week! Catch you next week for an update on my songwriting and health deliberations.

Click here to listen to The Surf and the Sand (demo)